Heroes Inc. M-Staff

The M-Staff is a modular weapon and utility system produced by Heroes Inc. for use by special security personnel. At the centre of the system lies a powerful computer core combined with an advanced system for interfacing with implant nano-computers such as Heroes’ own Sigil. Together these components can be used to control additional M-Staff modules as well as other pieces of equipment or machinery with extreme precision and efficiency. The computer is housed within a short staff with a length of approximately half a metre. Connections on both ends allow an additional modular segment of the same length and shape or a cable link to non-modular equipment to be attached. Amongst the available modules are powered and unpowered close combat extensions, turning the M-Staff into a baton or in its namesake fighting staff, blades, grappling gun, plasma torch, single shot compressed air grenade launcher, rangefinder and targeting laser painter, communications gear and sensor baffles. The generic connectors mean a module can be attached on either end of the M-Staff, and either one or two modules of the same or different types can be fitted (one on each ends).

The central module weights 0.75 kg, as do most other modules.

Heroes Inc. charges 3000D for the central and 1000D per additional module.

Game Use:

Powered DAM 4 PEN 0 AD 4

Unpowered DAM 2 PEN -1 AD 0

Bladed DAM 3 PEN 2 AD 1

Grenade Launcher Clip 1 Calibre (G) ROF 1 Recoil 2 Range 5m

Sigil users treat the M-Staff and any attached modules or linked machinery as extensions of their own bodies, receiving the usual +1 modifier to hit for natural weapons and an equivalent +1 for other applications.

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