Acid Shot

Their casings coloured an appropriately toxic green, these 10ga shot shells contain highly caustic pellets, capable of inflicting chemical burns in addition to and following after the initial ballistic impact. […]

Frictionless Barrel

Branded after the advanced zero-friction coating surface-bonded to their inside, these replacement smoothbore shotgun barrels are available to be after-market fitted to any of the 10ga shotguns currently manufactured by […]

Blood III

Another evolution of the non-incendinary thermal weapons concept, the Blood III sits on the low temperature side of things thermal but makes up for using gobs of a viscous red […]

KPS Render Shot-SMG

The Render Shot-SMG combines the unrivaled stopping power of 10 gauge with the rate of fire of a smaller standard calibre SMG in a compact and highly controllable assault weapon […]

Geyser Gun

AT Corp set their subsidiary Saga Arms the task of contesting the rapidly evolving market for non-incendinary thermal weapons. A task Saga Arms succeeded at admirably with the Geyser Gun, […]

Tropical Gun

Beach Boy Arms hits the market for non-incendinary thermal weapons with their scalding water/vapor sprayer, the aptly named and brightly patterned Tropical Gun. Sporting a rather bulky rifle frame, due […]


The Steamo is marketed as an environment and infractucture friendly alternative to flamethrowers for use in room clearing and general combat in densely built-up urban and industrial terrain. Outwardly, it […]

12.7 mm R Underbarrel Launcher

One step up from the 12.7 mm pistol version, this is the second entry in Crateris’ “Killshot”-inspired series of auxilliary firepower attachments, adding the capability to fire a single large […]


This easy to use compact, one-shot combat acid thrower provides most of the joy of burning your opponents without any of the hassle of having to deal with the Fire […]