Blood III

SLA Equipment
Another evolution of the non-incendinary thermal weapons concept, the Blood III sits on the low temperature side of things thermal but makes up for using gobs of a viscous red sticky jelly with very good heat retention as its carrier medium leading to a long continuous energy transfer onto the target.

The 5 kg Blood III carries enough jelly for 12 shots in a pressurized cartridge tank. Loaded cartridges are available at 40c, while the Blood III itself sells for 495c.

Game Use:
Geyser Gun Clip 12 Calibre – ROF 1 Recoil – Range 8m Radius 0m

After the initial hit, the jelly continues to cause damage for another ten rounds.

Hit DAM 2 PEN 1 AD 0
Burn DAM 2 PEN 1 AD 0

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