31T1 - equipment for The Red Star

31 attachments and variants for the Red Fleet’s modular telekinetic infantry weapon, the hook. 31T1 Telekinesis-Assisted Mechanical Drill As controlling rotation telekinetically takes more training and concentration, this construction/pioneer tool […]

Running Gloves

These advanced traction, full sensory contact, barefoot running shoes are designed especially for Wraith Raiders’ anatomy. Available in over 40 different hues of white, blue and lavender. 89c per pair. […]

Zero-Point Jewel

Not simply eternal, but permanent. Stillness the invisible movement. A Zero-Point Jewel is incompatible with other Flux gems, as its dead matrix flatlines all other sources of Flux around it. […]

Ink Gems

These microscopic Flux gems can be tatooed onto an Ebb user’s skin. The size of the resulting tattoos are dependent on the amount of Flux contained in the gem matrix […]

Meat Cola

The caffeinated protein soda pop. 7u for one canned serving. Game Use: –