Melee weapons

Heat Lance

JADE developed the Heat Lance from their Liquid Lance portable combat water cutter by integrating a flash heating unit, thus adding a thermal component to the weapon’s damage profile. Streamlined […]

Axe Bayonet

Choptech produces these heavy ceramic axe heads for use as potent unpowered melee attachments. The Axe Bayonet features a variable geometry mounting system ensuring compatibility with a broad variety of […]

Conqueror's Sword

Named after a legendary weapon of Shaktar myth, this powered melee weapon is designed to be fixed to a Shaktar warrior’s tail. Twin advanced construction vibro-blades run either side of […]

Directed Charge Protection

While Thresher’s standard Antiinfantry Defense System employs omni-directional charges to create a fully spherical death zone around a power suit, Orienta on Fire!’s more specialised “directed charge protection” system uses […]

Thresher Antiinfantry Defense System

Especially in urban, industrial and other heavily built-up environments, Thresher is increasingly equipping their power suits with explosive based active protection systems against infantry threats. To counter swarming tactics and […]

Abrasive Lance Tip

The Abrasive Lance Tip is an upgrade for the Liquid Lance combat water cutter. It consists of new filters complete with a injection/mixing unit for adding high performance abrasive particles […]

Aftershock Hammer

Instead of a standard oscillation unit, the Aftershock Hammer incorporates a high-powered pneumatic ram into its striking head. Triggered by the impact of a solid hit, the ram delivers an […]

Hatred Hammer

Styled after one of the infamous weapons of the Conflict Wars, the Hatred Hammer manages to invoke some of the dread of the original in those with strong cultural memories […]

Injection Lance

This fully ceramic polearm is tipped with a high-pressure injection system connected to a five ampoules magazine in the haft of the weapon. The injector is auto-triggered with a hit, […]

Kinetic Hammer

Sporting advanced composite striking surfaces and an ultra-dense core construction, the Kinetic Hammer represents a new pinnacle in non-powered weapon design. Weighting 9.5 kg, the Kinetic Hammer is available for […]