Thresher Antiinfantry Defense System

SLA Equipment
Especially in urban, industrial and other heavily built-up environments, Thresher is increasingly equipping their power suits with explosive based active protection systems against infantry threats. To counter swarming tactics and highly agile melee attacks, their standard Antiinfantry Defense System employs an omni-directional set of charges that, when triggered, creates a fully spherical death zone around the suit. The system is under the full control of the pilot, who can trigger it manually or set it on a variety of timed or sensor fuzes (most commonly proximity motion detection). On most Thresher suits the system is equipped with five sets of charges due to space constraints, but First Step- and Sarge-class power suits have been observed with up to 16 sets, presumably in two separate systems of eight each.

Game Use:
Antiinfantry Defense System Blast Rating 12 PEN 4

The power suit is considered to be in the center of the blast but will take no damage from the blast.

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