Directed Charge Protection

SLA Equipment
While Thresher’s standard Antiinfantry Defense System employs omni-directional charges to create a fully spherical death zone around a power suit, Orienta on Fire!’s more specialised “directed charge protection” system uses smaller more focussed explosive charges to reduce the amount of collateral damage. It also features improved anti-armour performance compared to its parent design, making it more useful against elite opposition. The system is under the full control of the pilot, who has to trigger it manually. On most suits the system is equipped with 16 individual charges, spaced around the suit, while larger power suit classes have been observed with up to 38 charge blocks mounted on them.

Game Use:
Directed Charge Protection Blast Rating 4 PEN 10

The blast only extends in a 45° cone from the suit. If there is a target in direct contact with the suit within this cone, it is considered to be in the center of the blast.

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