Meat Cola

The caffeinated protein soda pop. 7u for one canned serving. Game Use: –

Black Heart

The Black Heart DNA-Organ-Tattoo recolours cardiac muscle tissue with pitchblack pigmentation. Fully Compatible with all major brands of biogenetic replacement hearts. 80c. And no regrets. Game Use: –

Cellular Tattoo

A step down to the next level from your common DNA tattoo, these nano-scale tattoos are imprinted on the membranes of individual cells, becoming fully discernible only when using imaging […]

Pasha Doormat

Quality self-cleaning biogenetic doormats from Pasha with micro-rooting technology to secure them against being swept away by wind or flooding, while reverse colour adaptation will make them assume a contrasting […]

Thermo Web

Webbing with integrated heating (running off 500 hours of internal power) allows for a style conscious minimisation of protective clothing and ensures a full and accessible tactical load at the […]

K’n’th Cola

Sweet enough that you can almost feel the sugar crunching between your teeth as your drink, and only slightly less caffeinated. Sold in half litre cans for 1u or two […]

Gauss Shotgun Shells

Mounting an ultra dense capacitator to power magnetic accelerators in the wall of the shell, this is in fact a single shot disposable gauss weapon and not really ammunition at […]


Signalling a constant readiness for action and alert eagerness, this full body biogenetic skin modification has your body hum with excited vibration from its outer layers with zero involvement of […]

Honey Gas

Honey Gas is a lethal chemical weapon advertised for use in high-intensity asymmetric warfare. Its main features are instant incapacitation with high mid-term lethality due to progressive destruction of respiratory […]

Gun Icon

This RO software not only puts virtually any (virtual) gun in your hands, it goes on to let you experience the effects of its use via continuous overlaid simulation. Game […]