Heroes Inc. Micro Raven

The Micro Raven is a small-calibre submachinegun with an extremely high rate of fire. Due to its compact size and low weight it is employed by Heroes Inc. mainly as a back-up and covert operation weapon.

A fully loaded Micro Raven weights 2 kg.

The weapon sells for 400 D, and both military grade armour piercing rounds and high explosive small-calibre rounds sell for 0.1D per round.

Game Use:

Micro Raven Clip 62 Calibre 4mm ROF 20/10/1 Recoil 7/5/1 Range 10m

4mm Pistol HEX PEN 2 DAM 5 AD 2

4mm Pistol MIL PEN 7 DAM 3 AD 1

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