Phonocle X11

Phonocle X11 The Phonocle X11 is a mobile phone integrated with an RO monocle, with a directional speaker and microphone built directly into the rim also sporting a single chippyport […]


This combined finance chip scanner/laser painter is designed to be mounted on pistols, SMGs and other compact weapons for close quarters urban combat. It takes the space normally reserved for […]


A classic in sniper assist systems, Headshot! is a Reality Overlay-based software package for enhancing hit probabilities during high-precision threat elimination situations. It seemlessly integrates with other targeting aids, requiring […]

Gridmask Lamprey System

The Gridmask Lamprey System is a spoof for grid referencing navigation and tracking systems. It works by attaching one grid reference to another, rerouting queries to the host reference. With […]


Put into strictly limited field testing with the Nitro Legions, information on the WarAngel RO software is still scant at best, but it seems to be already forming up to […]


A companion product to Skinklink databodypaint, Skinkput rub-on tattoos act as fully functional keypads or keyboards able to control wearables, handhelds or other devices connected via Skinklink. Skinkput degrades over […]


Lines drawn on living surfaces with Skinklink “databodypaint” act as fully functional datapathways able to connect wearables, handhelds or other devices attached or held against the body. Skinklink degrades over […]

Cannibal Crash Soundscape S2

Affectionately known as the CCrSsSZ by audio connoisseurs following one raving previewers comment, Cannibal Crash’s new S2 model Soundscape is an absoluetly marvelous design more than worth the praise and […]


The ThoughtPad, while a high quality, full codex PDA in its own right, derives its name and fame from the syringe it comes packaged with. Just 12 hours after injection, […]

Lensmate Biomonocle

The Lensmate is a fully biogenetic RO monocle, constructed mostly from ocular tissues and with a thin cartilagenous frame. It features a single chippy port compatible with both biogenetic and […]