Cannibal Crash Soundscape S2

SLA Equipment
Affectionately known as the CCrSsSZ by audio connoisseurs following one raving previewers comment, Cannibal Crash’s new S2 model Soundscape is an absoluetly marvelous design more than worth the praise and critical acclaim. Controlled by distributed layered full spectrum colour codex processors, the S2’s power, the density of the auditory environment it creates increases with each speaker module – and the S2 sports a full 16 of those, up from the ten of its predecessor which was still tied down by a centralised processor core.

Each of the S2’s modules sports 5000 hours of onboard power and two chippy ports.

The Cannibal Crash Soundscape S2 weighs a total of 8 kg and is being sold for 2600c retail price.

Game Use:

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