wordle love cerberus

Conversation between two authors: M: „Hey, what is a “Love Cerberus”?“ D: „I don’t think I can answer that without straying into “adult” territory.“ M: „Clean your mind. Nobody needs […]

After we talked about a few aspects of copyright related to role playing games there were a number of comments defending the stated cases on behalf of the users of […]

Royal Games by Suzi9mm

… the question „What is … what we see in that picture?“ was once more raised by Shadom, this time after raiding the deviantart gallery of suzi9mm back in November […]

The Brigades of Aragon

The Reds may have access to their hook-armed infantry, skyfurnaces, and military-industrial sorceresses, but the contranationalists live up to that measure in most regards. Due to their strong agricultural tradition […]

Hermes Alphabet

Today the question of Dr. Gonzo is answered by blut_und_glas, Shadom, the two guys with Y and the good Doctor himself.

The Odnashdoi Utrom

The Odnashdoi Utrom is a faction for the The Red Star Setting of d20 modern. The Odnashdoi Utrom are a young movement dedicated to the Commonwealth, using their mastery of […]