What is … Love Cerberus?

wordle love cerberusConversation between two authors:
M: „Hey, what is a “Love Cerberus”?“
D: „I don’t think I can answer that without straying into “adult” territory.“
M: „Clean your mind. Nobody needs a dog or a race with three … . Go on“.

In the tribal warrior culture of the Isles of Dawn, it is usual to find mated pairs fighting side by side. Indeed, such duos form the basic unit of most tribal forces.In this context, the battlefield equivalent to a love triangle is known as a Love Cerberus. Powerful, vicious but unstable, the legends of almost all tribes attribute both some of their greatest triumphs and their most terrible tragedies to the doings of Love Cerberuses. (blut_und_glas)
Love Cerberus is the name of a contract killer. It is a female wraith raider with an additional third arm wearing a sexy manga style costume.. In combat she fights with three blades and often gets berserk. (yennico)
Relthea, the first circle goddess of slaughter and lost love, has taken these fearsome creatures as their own. Sometimes, she sends them out as companions and guardians to scorned women who pray to her. (blut_und_glas)
Love Cerberus is a powerful combat drug. The drug induces by chemicals feelings if your lover/relative or somebody the persons really cares, is badly hurt by someone or is in real danger. Love Cerberus was invented by accident when researching the chemicals effects of love and hate in the brain. The drug can be applied as medical patch, injection or pill. A person who had taken a love Cerberus will fall in a berserker rage and fights reckless. He will feels no pain and no fear. The effect of the drug lasts only for a short time but afterwards the side-effect is paranoia. Some users of love Cerberus killed their loved ones because the paranoia induced a betrayal of the loved one to them. (yennico)
This small magical tattoo is meant to protect mainly royal heirs against insincere promises of love. It deals grievous pain and injury to anyone declaring their romantic intentions towards the bearer for the first time. Even more harm is done the second time, and the third time – let’s just say would-be lovers have been known to kill themselves just to end the pain. The idea behind such a cruel warding is, of course, that only someone who is truly and deeply in love with the bearer of the tattoo will be willing to endure such ordeals and yet reaffirm their vows. (blut_und_glas)
Foreigners gave the dog servant of the goddess of true love the nickname Love Cerberus. These dog servants are often depicted as Chinese guardian lions (lion dogs) and often statues are made out of rose quartz. These dogs are also symbols for true love It is a legend that touching the nose of one of these dog statues will let you find your true love, so the Faithful stroke and touch the nose of these dogs statues. A very popular legends tells that some of these statues come to life, if a person who truly love a person is attacked and the dogs attacks furiously the attacker. (yennico)
Cerberus”is the way a serial killer signs his letters to the agent heading the investigation into his murders. (blut_und_glas)

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