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Logo RSP Karneval 250px“It is birth that makes man’s flesh weak.”
-Galvina Nullip

For the secretive magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus the very name Galvina Nullip is an irritant fit to provoke all too human feeling of fear and rage. After all, they are used to deal with this kind of heresy amongst their own swiftly, decisively – and most importantly – without outsiders noticing.

Genetor Nullip was a more than promising adept, projected to attain the highest ranks of her order in time. Her contempt for the flesh, that she crafted so skilfully, was honoured with an appointment to an remote Mechanicus research base. While dutifully delving into nearly forgotten bionic techarcana there, she first fell from orthodoxy. Her reports though gave no cause for alarm. On receiving message of a breakthrough in her work, her superiors dispatched a vessel to bring her home to the bossom of the forges. They waited to hear Nullips revelations with rapt attention. It was assumed that she would be commended and promoted for unravelling such mysteries. Instead, the tale of the returning survivors filled the magos with dread.

Nullips epiphany was firmly rooted in the accepted dogma of the weakness of the flesh. However, to her it was no longer the overabundance of the flesh itself that constituted man’s fall from grace, but rather the fact that this flesh was born.

Birth surely is the oldest and most powerful symbol of man becoming. Unborn, man never becomes that what is sinful about being organic. He remains pure. Uncluttered, unburdened, unborn.

Nullip came to these insights, working with and on her self. Alone in her lab, she impregnated herself time after time, discarding each fetus following genetic testing, until she found one close enough to perfection. As the child began to develop within her, she started to augment it with perversions of her own sacred implants and shaped the growing flesh. She modified her own womb, first to allow the ever more complex surgeries and alterations, then to indefinitely keep her from having to give birth, and finally to grant the thing within her access to the outside world. When Galvina’s techpriest honour guard arrived at the outpost to take her home, they were confronted with an unnaturally bloated figure still clad in the crimson robes of the priesthood of Mars. Additional mechadendrites spilled from her body and a horrid homunculus stared at the newcomers from beyond a viewplate in Galvina’s belly.

After the survivors’ flight, Galvina took what she needed from the base before destroying it and fleeing herself. Since then she has moved from world to world, using every means at her disposal to acquire more forbidden bioarcana, continue the education of her child, and perfect her process, always one step ahead of her pursuers.

Her current activities are centered on the hive-harems of Yazidon Primus. Here she passes herself off as a licensed bioadept, promising to assist the hive nobility in preserving their genelines and to surgically improve their slaves and concubines. That way, she plans to secure both influence and a base of operations with the prerequisite raw materials for continuing her experiments.


Galvina Nullip
The fetus’ stats are given in brackets.
Attacks to Galvina’s Body have a 50% chance to hit the fetus.
Armour protecting Galvina’s Body also protects all hit locations of the fetus.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
Galvina 31 30 27 34 23 56 30 41 19
Fetus 13 33 10 15 11 50 41 34 06




Movement: 2/4/6/12
Wounds: 16 (5)

Skills: Chem-Use +20, Common Lore (Machine Cult) +10, Common Lore (Tech) +10, Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus), Literacy +20, Logic, Medicae +20, Navigation, Pilot (Civilian Craft), Scholastic Lore (Chymistry), Secret Tongue (Tech) +10, Speak Language (Low Gothic), Speak Language (High Gothic), Tech-Use +20, Trade (Embalmer), Trade (Technomat) +10
(Common Lore (Tech), Drive (Ground Vehicle), Lip Reading +10, Pilot (Civilian Craft), Secret Tongue (Tech), Tech-Use +10)
Talents: Autosanguine, Basic Weapon Training (Las), Binary Chatter, Concealed Cavity, Double Team, Electro Graft Use, Luminen Charge, Master Chirurgeon, Mechadendrite Use (Medicae, Utility), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Power), Pistol Training (Bolt, Las, Plasma)
(Autosanguine, Binary Chatter, Double Team, Electro Graft Use, Energy Cache, Feedback Screech, Light Sleeper, Logis Implant, Luminen Blast, Mechadendrite Use (Ballistic, Manipulator, Optical, Utility), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Prosanguine, Total Recall)
Traits: Mechanicus Implants, Fear (1)
(Mechanicus Implants, Fear (2), Machine (1), Size (Puny))

Gear: Bionic Arm (Good), Bionic Eyes (Good), Bionic Respiratory System (Common), Hermetic Infusion, Medicae Mechadendrite, Utility Mechadendrite, Mind Impulse Unit (Common)
(Bionic Respiratory System (Good), Cortex Implants (Good), Hermetic Infusion, Ballistic Mechadendrite, Manipulator Mechadendrite, Optical Mechadendrite, Utility Mechadendrite, Mind Impulse Unit (Common))
Threat Rating: Hereticus Extremis

Galvina is part of the Geman rpg carnival – calling for articles themed “In the Womb” this month (links in German).

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