The Brigades of Aragon

The Reds may have access to their hook-armed infantry, skyfurnaces, and military-industrial sorceresses, but the contranationalists live up to that measure in most regards. Due to their strong agricultural tradition they employ scythes instead of hooks, replace heavy hailer support with more mobile shootists, and while spiritual dialectics lack some of the grandeur of Red sorcery, they more than fulfill the needs of the contranationalist cause and struggle.

Both during the civil war and in modern day Aragon, most contranationalists are either columneros or resistance fighters, with a few experts like guadaneros, pistoleros, or spiritual dialectics strewn in.

Part I Ghosts of Aragon you will find here.

Interbrigadist (Nokgorkan Resistance Fighter Class Variant)

»For democracy, any man would give his only begotten son.«

(Johnny got his Gun)

The Aragonese civil war stands out as a unique historical event in more ways than one. Perhaps of greatest significance was the willingness of non autochthonian men and women to fight for the Republican Union and the contranationalists against ultranationalism out of purely ideological reasons.

Ruleswise the Interbrigadist is fully equivalent to the Nokgorkan Resistance Fighter.

When selecting a Origin on 1st level, the Interbrigadist chooses from a separate list of options, reflecting his homeland more than his motivation.


The rise of Krieger was just the blood covered peak in a long history of oppression, injustice, and barbarism suffered by the Yehudin, who were the main targets of Aryan aggression together with internationalists, Sintes, and Romnis.
For most of the Yehudish Intergrigadists the civil war is not only an ideological struggle, but a fight for survival of their people on the Great Continent.

Bonus:Yehudish Interbrigadists receive a +1 to all attacks and damage rolls when fighting against opponents with an allegiance to Krieger, the Volksreich, or the Aryan Nationalist Party.


The declaration of war by the ANF is one more domino on the political face of the Great Continent, moving farther and farther away from internationalism. Because of this Imbohl and the Red Council decided to not just send supplies and weapons to Aragon, but military advisors and irregular forces as well.

Bonus: Interbrigadists from the URRS may exist outside of formal Red Fleet structures but still they are always amongst the first to receive military equipment when it is needed. They receive a +2 bonus on all requisition checks.


The often cited willingness of the WTA to help and even lay down their lives for their fellow man is also evident in the civil war, where companies of Interbrigadists hailing from the WTA fight in the first line and are known to volunteer for the most dangerous of missions.

Bonus:Interbrigadists from the WTA receive +1 to their Defense.


The scions of her former colony may be the first into the fight, but it’s the Interbrigadists from the Isle of Lions who are last to leave, stoically holding the line against the ultranationalist charge.

Bonus: Lion Interbrigadisten receive +1 to all saves.


Most Interbrigadists coming to Aragon hail from neighboring Gaul. With them, they bring both their will to fight for the republican cause and their love of live to the war torn land.

Bonus: Gaulish Interbrigadists receive +2 on all Charisma-based rolls and checks when dealing with republicans or contranationalists.

Resistance Fighter ((Nokgorkan Resistance Fighter class variant))

The Aragonese Resistance Fighters also differs from their Nokgorkan counterparts mostly in their biographies and motives.

Like Interbrigadists the Aragonese Resistance Fighter replaces the Nokgorkan choices for Origin with a separate list.

Land & Freedom!

The Resistance Fighter is a fanatical follower of the contranationalist revolution. More than anyone else he is willing to die for that cause. Faced with the terrors unleashed by ultranationalist reactionaries, he ignores all risk and reason and launches himself into the fray.

Bonus: The Resistance Fighter must choose the CNA as one of his allegiances. He can use Righteous Fury (Campaign Setting, page 17) once per day.


While once an ally of the land owners, the Resistance Fighter has cast aside his old loyalities to fight for the republic. Due to the general lack of motorized units, the mounted Rancheros often form into their own companies to make best use of their mobility.

Bonus: The class skill Drive is replaced with Ride. Also, the Ranchero receives Mounted Combat (Campaign Setting, page 19).

Well Oiled Gears

Prior to the revolution the Resistance Fighter was a simple worker, toiling away in one of Aragon’s many production centers. To him the revolution is merely the first step on his long road to freedom and that ist he reason he took up arms. His companions benefit from his broad range of practical skills.

Bonus: The Resistance Fighter receives +2 on all Craft and Profession checks. He may also treat all factories associated with his former industry (e.g. steel milling, or car manufacturing) as being covered by his Area Knowledge, even if they would normally be considered to lie outside his home area.


Surviving in Aragon as a resident worker may have been hard, but the Jornalera had to wander from town to town, always on the lookout for temporary menial jobs, to earn her living.

Bonus: The Resistance Fighter receives Survival as an additional class skill. She also gains Endurance as a bonus feat..


Even before the start of the civil war, the Resistance Fighter belonged to a group who sought to overthrow the republic. Today he fights on the same side as the republicans, though he already prepares for the time to come.

Bonus: : Insurrectionalists suffer a -2 to all Charisma-based checks and rolls when dealing with characters who do not have the Bandera Negra as one of their allegiances. The Resistance Fighter receives the sneak attack (1d6) class feature already on level 1. This stacks with his normal sneak attack (i.e. for a total of sneak attack 2d6 at level 2, and so on.

Columnero (Zek class variant)

Columneros are the backbone of both the republic and the contranationalist revolution. They are not so often on the frontlines but rather in the factories and on the fields, where they tirelessly work to enable the ultranationalists’ enemies to continue the fight. If the ultranationalists should directly attack one of the production centers, though, the Columneros form up and fight just as hard as the troops in the field.

In place of the Zek‘s Prison Tattoos a Columnero receives Contacts (Campaign Setting, page 21) as a class feature, representing their solidarity

Columneros use different specializations than Zeks. They may select both the Agitator and the Engineer, but instead of the other Zek specialisations they use the following new options.


The Guadanero spent all his live working and sweating on the fields under the often literal whip of a land owner. After the reforms he stayed there, but now to provide bread for his fighting comrades instead for his feasting lords. Some Guadaneros follow the direct call to war and organize in companies specializing in close assaults using their trusty scythes. (Such militant Guadaneros should consider to select the Soldier advanced class later on.)


Similar to the Rancheros, the Pistoleros were once in the employ of the land owners and served as their paid thugs and paramilitaries in dealing with rebellious peasants. During the civil war many Pistoleros turned their backs on the land owners and allied with the people they once helped to oppress. Pistoleros are not just skilled with normal firearms, though, their trademark ist he use of light telekinetic firearms, which many of them build or modify themselves. Often Pistoleros act as support units for regular troops. (Many Pistoleros adopt the Gunslinger advanced class on higher levels.)


The grueling work at the furnaces have made the Acerista into a woman who can bear anything lives throws at her, whether that be accidents, terrorist bombings or ultranationalist attacks.


The name Peristo (fence) may sound demeaning but both the republican war industry and the contranationalist lead factories simply cannot provide all the supplies needed. In these times of need the Peristo is the one who still somehow gets his comrades, his family, or his unit whatever it is hey need to survive the horrors of the war.

Guadanero Pistolero Acerista Peristo
I Exotic Weapon Profiency (Scythe) Telekinetic Firearms Profiency Endurance Logistician
II Power Attack Telekinetic Warrior DieHard Black Market Connection
III Cleave Telekinetic Firearms Training: Armor Piercing Damage Reduction 1/- Contact, low-level
IV Precision Strike (Scythe) Guide Telekinetic Shots Damage Reduction 2/- Contact, mid-level

New telekinetic weapons (requiring the associated feat)

Weapon Dmg Crit Type Range RoF Mag Size Wt. Purchase DC
Pistol 2d8 20 Ball 20 S 7 box Med 2kg
Rifle 2d10 20 Ball 40 S 5 box Large 9kg
Machine Pistol 2d6 20 Ball 8 S,A 50 drum Med 4kg

Spiritual Dialectic (Red Fleet Sorceress class variant)

Spiritual Dialectics replace the branch specialization gained by Red Sorceresses with membership in a specific syndicate. The different syndicates are described below together with their associated protocols and additional benefits.

Additionally, the following three class features of the Red Fleet Sorceress are replaced, to simulate the general lack of routine and standardization amongst Dialectics when compared to the Red Fleet Sorcery Corps – disadvantages which the contranationalists compensate with a greater willingness to take risks and make sacrifices.

Protocol Mastery is replaced with Overkast Mastery.
Instead of allowing to use Take 10, Overkast Mastery allows to increase the Overkast Grade of a protocol, which is already being overkast to at least Grade I, by 1 additional Grade at no further cost. In all other regards (e.g. selection of applicable protocols) this features follows the same rules as Protocol Mastery.

Protocol Perfection is replaced with Overkast Perfection.
Instead of allowing to use Take 20, Overkast Perfection allows to increase the Overkast Grade of a protocol, which is already being overkast to at least Grade I, by 2 additional Grades at no further cost. In all other regards (e.g. selection of applicable protocols) this features follows the same rules as Protocol Perfection.

Reduced Protcol Cost is replaced with Reduced Physical Strain.
Instead of allowing to reduce the normal damage of kasting a protocol, Reduced Physical Strain reduces the lethal damage incurred by kasting with deactivated KPS wards by 2 points at level 5, 3 points at level 10, 4 points at level 15, and 5 points at level 20. In all other regards this features follows the same rules as Reduced Protocol Cost.


Agitadores are the exact opposites oft he Saboteadores and specialize in organizing and supporting the masses. They also serve as propagandists and supporters for factory brigades, the columnas.

Available Protocols:

  • Cooperative Reinforcement Protocol
  • Map Protocol
  • Reenact Protocol
  • Stimulant Protocol
  • Supply Protocol
  • Transpathic Signal Protocol

The spiritual dialectics of the Camillieros serve medical purposes in treating injured soldiers and workers. It is used in combination with conventional medicine to combat even the most severe infections and injuries.

Available Protocols:

  • Accelerated Healing Protocol
  • Defensive Shell Protocol
  • Final Mercy Protocol
  • Instant Medical Protocol
  • Paramedic Protocol
  • Shield Reinforce Protocol
  • Stimulant Protocol

Guerilleros act as leaders tos mall units operating without support in the broken terrain of Aragon. They sow fear into the hearts of regulars, paramilitaries, collaborators, and ultranationalists alike.

Available Protocols:

  • Amor Piercing Protocol, Personal
  • Map Protocol
  • Supply Protocol I
  • Supply Protocol II
  • Stealth Protocol
  • Transpathic Detonator Protocol

Ingenieros are industrially oriented Dialectics who work to increase the productivity of contranationalist factories. In rare cases they are also present on the frontlines, engaged in maintaining and repairing what few motorized units their side possesses.

Available Protocols:

  • Armor Piercing Protocol, Vehicular
  • Burst Voltage Protocol OR Sandgrain OR Steamshot Protocol
  • Defensive Shell Protocol
  • Expanse Protocol
  • Field Repair Protocol
  • Protocol Resistance Shields, Vehicular
  • Shield Reinforce Protocol
  • Supply Protocol I
  • Supply Protocol II
  • Supply Protocol III
  • Stimulant Protocol

Saboteadores are contranationalist activists who are specialized in clandestine methods of class struggle, throwing wrenches into the gears of enemy production.

Available Protocols:

  • Burst Voltage Protocol
  • Final Mercy Protocol
  • Sandgrain Protocol
  • Steamshot Protocol
  • Stealth Protocol
  • Transpathic Detonator Protocol

Syndicate Benefits

Additional Class Skills: : Craft(Visual Art, Writing)(Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information, Intimidate (Cha)

Basic Training: Trustworthy Feat

Protocols Learned: Cooperative Reinforcement Protocol, Supply Protocol I, Stimulant Protocol

Additional Benefits: Protocol enhanced equipment for Craft(Visual Art) or Craft(Writing)

Advanced Training:

  • Inspiration (Lvl 4.)[Campaign Setting, page 35]
  • Rouse Rabble (Lvl. 8) [Campaign Setting, page 35]
  • +1 bonus on all Kast checks with protocols from the Agitation/Propaganda Syndicate (Lvl. 12)
  • Greater Inspiration (Lvl. 16) [Campaign Setting, page 35]
  • +2 1bonus on all Kast checks with protocols from the Agitation/Propaganda Syndicate (Lvl. 20)

Health & Social
Same as Medikaster

Defense & Action
Additional Class Skills: : Demolitions (Int), Hide (Dex), Knowledge (Tactics)(Int), Move Silently (Dex)

Basic Training: Area Knowledge +1 (Campaign Setting, page p. 21)

Protocols Learned: Map Protocol, Supply I Protocol, Stealth Protocol

Additional Benefits: Protocol enhanced camouflage Kit (Hide +2)

Advanced Training:

  • Sneak Attack +1d6 (Lvl. 4)
  • Area Knowledge +2 (Lvl. 8)
  • Sneak Attack +2d6 (Lvl. 12)
  • Area Knowledge +3 (Lvl. 16)
  • Sneak Attack +3d6 (Lvl. 20)

Same as Sorceress Engineer

Direct Action
Additional Class Skills: : Bluff (Cha), Craft (Chemical)(Int), Disguise (Cha), Demolitions (Int), Disable Device (Int), Forgery (Int), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex), Move Silently (Dex)

Basic Training: +4 skill points at 1st level, and an additional +1 skill point per class level thereafter

Protocols Learned: Electric Burst OR Steamshot OR Sandgrain, Stealth Protocol, Transpathic Detonator Protocol

Additional Benefits: Protocol enhanced Demolitions Kit

Advanced Training:

  • +1 bonus on all Kast checks with protocols from the Direct Action Syndicate (Lvl. 4)
  • Sneak Attack +1d6 (Lvl. 8)
  • +2 bonus on all Kast checks with protocols from the Direct Action Syndicate (Lvl. 12)
  • Sneak Attack +2d6 (Lvl. 16)
  • Demolitions Expert (Campaign Setting, page 32) (Lvl. 20)

New Protocols

Sandgrain Protocol

Same as Burst Voltage Protocol, except affecting mechanical devices instead of electronics.

Steamshot Protocol

Same as Burst Voltage Protocol, except affecting steam and combustion engines instead of electronics.

That’s Part 2, tune in the next time when we take a closer look on the ultranationalist rebels, their bloodmagic and of course the ghosts themselves.

That’s Part 2, tune in the next time when we take a closer look on the ultranationalist rebels, their bloodmagic and of course the ghosts themselves.

The Red Star and all related characters are ™ and © Christian Gossett. Used with kind permission.
The Red Star Campaign Setting is © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.
The Red Star und alle verwandten Charactere sind ™ und © Christian Gossett. Verwendet mit freundlicher Genehmigung.
The Red Star Campaign Setting ist © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.

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