Shade Lightning Lance

Rare artefacts from the Conflict Wars era, the mysterious civilisation of the Shade purportedly used these combined ranged/melee weapons to devastating effect, when they took to the field with their war-machine legions.

A smooth shaft of silvery metal unbroken by any aperture or visible interface, the Lightning Lance uses its outer surface to conduct and direct the blasts of energy lending it its name. Activating a Lance while unprotected thus earthes the raw power through the would-be wielder, a feature thought to be a safeguard against the potent weapons being readily used against their designers.

The internal high capacity storage has been evaluated to contain enough energy for ten full-power blasts.

A Lightning Lance weigths 15 kg.

The few known examples of surviving Lightning Lances are in the possession of museums and research facilities across the World of Progress.

Game Use:

Lightning Lance Clip 10 Calibre – ROF 1 Recoil – Range 60m

A ranged blast from a Lightning Lance deals DAM 15 at PEN 0 and AD 0.

Lightning Lance Skill Polearm DAM 10 PEN 20 AD 5

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