Shade Bull Powersuit

As the Lightning Lance, the Bull is a remnant of the Shade Conflict Society. The Bull is an ultra-heavy powersuit.

Analysis revealed the suit’s motive system to be seemingly incapable of moving the Bull on its own. This is thought to have been compensated by the Shade’s own physiques, an impressive feat to say the least.

The aesthetics of the Bull give the outward appearance of a metallic statue, with armour plates moulded in the shape of overly developed muscles, and the helmet adorned by curved horns, leading to the armour’s name. Archaeological evidence points to the use of individualised faceplates, probably depicting the wearer, as the few examples of recovered complete Bull helmets did all carry different features.

Game Use:

Bull PV 25 Head 80 Torso 200 Arms 120 Legs 150

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