Armour Shock Brace

This after-market modification to powered armours adds an additional level of protection by reinforcing the power chassis and having it lock down defensively when registering major impacts. Adding Armour Shock […]

Tek Trex Miniglove

The Tek Trex Miniglove is an armoured gauntlet and vambrace, available for both left- and right-handed users, with an integrated pair of 5mm rotating barrel submachineguns, similar to the weapons […]

Amazon Body-Shield

A high but narrow shield constructed of transparent polymer-ceramic composite, the Amazon is contoured to be carried close to the body, providing either full or half coverage depending on the […]


Copying principles of Heroes Inc.’s Anvil non-powered armour suits, Fiery Forge produces armoured overcoats woven from metallic composite micro-rings. The single layer mesh requires sturdy clothing to be worn underneath […]


Obsidian³ released these in a strictly limited series as a tribute to the original Chromedome helmets of the Chrome Warrior era. A simple sweptback design done in polished black and […]

Zero Shield

The Zero Shield uses a high-powered cooling unit to bring its parrying surface down to temperatures so low, metal, ceramics and composites will become brittle, deform or even shatter on […]


HAZE-Suits are light defensive systems for use in melee combat situations. The strongly insulated full body suits include multiple heating elements spread over their outer surface, which become scalding hot […]

Rampant shoulder guard

The Rampant is a heavy composite armour component usable with any number of SLA Industries power armours. It incorporates a sizable flat front facing for display of sponsorships or personal […]

Armored fishnet stockings

Made from high stress compound carbon-core (3cee) thread, these are finally the literal best of both worlds: minimum coverage, maximum protection! All sizes. Full range of colours available. Priced at […]

Open Circulatory Armour

Originally envisioned as an environmental protection suit for vevaphons, the Open Circulatory Armour concept has been adapted for use by other races – within limits. The power chassis, 3000 hour […]