Ebb Emulator

These unwieldy gauntlets are constructed from soft Science Friction material, set with bony inlays of various sizes and an external frame of wire-braces. The gauntlets are extremely thick and heavy, weighting 5 kg each.

The bodily impairment bestowed by the gauntlets is more than compensated by the fantastic power they offer, though. Within their thick fleshy mantle rest a host of calculation and amplification matrices running pre-calculated hyperbolic Ebb equations. Using those, the wearer of the gauntlets is able to access the power of the Ebb without the normally required training.

They do not include Flux storage matrices. Energy has to be fed from external sources.

Ebb Emulators have to be worn in pairs to be effective.

A pair costs 10000c.

Game Use:

-3 DEX

Ebb Emulators provide access to all rank 1 Ebb abilities.

Calculating an ability with Ebb Emulators is subject to a -10 modifier in addition to any other applicable modifiers to the roll.

Ebb Emulators may not be used together with any other Ebb equipment apart from Flux gems.

Non-ebb-users may use Ebb Emulators.

A non-ebb-user donning Ebb Emulator gauntlets suffers 3 PS.

A non-ebb-user using Ebb Emulator gauntlets suffers 2 AS every use.

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