Dark Lament

Ink Gems

These microscopic Flux gems can be tatooed onto an Ebb user’s skin. The size of the resulting tattoos are dependent on the amount of Flux contained in the gem matrix […]


The Sundance is an ornately wrought Science Friction revolver with chambers designed to take specially carved and polished burn gems, allowing multiple blasts to be manifested in the quickest succession. […]

Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is a piece of protective Science Friction technology. The highly polished organic crystal shield mounted on the lower arm can be used to reflect Sense Perception and […]

Jadeite Flux Jewels

Jadeite Flux Jewels are finely tuned collection matrixes, carefully siphoning off waste Flux from powerful calculations. The retained energy can then be used to feed new equations. A Jadeite Flux […]

Crystal stim

A derivate of Pineal stim, Crystal stim modifies the duration enhancing effects of its parent compound, so that instead of using the same amount of energy to calculate an effect […]

Shock Jewellery

Taking the opposite approach to its sister line of Ebb jewellery, Shock Jewellery is based on shock sense Senses effects worked into the crystalline structures, to induce a slow bleeding […]

Flash Jewellery

Nothing can be more aptly described as ‘dazzling’ than this line of Ebb jewellery. Utilising the art of Illumination in the creation of every facet and stone of these ethereally […]

Hyper Calculation Blade

Hyper Calculation Blades are used to breach Ebb generated defences. This is done by overloading the Ebb equations with static interference written into the matrix of the blade. The advanced […]

Ebb Emulator

These unwieldy gauntlets are constructed from soft Science Friction material, set with bony inlays of various sizes and an external frame of wire-braces. The gauntlets are extremely thick and heavy, […]

Fold Blade

Perhaps the ultimate melee weapon has come to us from the Science Friction artisans at Dark Lament. A strange and yet somehow innocent looking weapon, the Fold Blade, as it […]