Fold Blade

Perhaps the ultimate melee weapon has come to us from the Science Friction artisans at Dark Lament. A strange and yet somehow innocent looking weapon, the Fold Blade, as it is known, is a short knife with a broad blade of a matte porous seeming substance covered in spiralling glyphs and with a hilt studded with tiny, glittering, uncut crystals, lending it a rough sandpaper texture.

The crystals are actually a type of eternal flux matrix, continuously channelling their energy into the glyph structures of the blade – folding it through an opponent’s armour with every strike.

A Fold Blade weights 0.2 kg.

Dark Lament sells Fold Blades for 3000c apiece.

Game Use:

Fold Blade Skill Blade, 1-H DAM 1 PEN 0 AD 0

Fold Blades ignore the PV of armour.

Fold Blades do not cause AD in armours whose PV they ignore.

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