The order for the Guru class ambulance came directly from Karma’s LAD division. With the inherent limitations placed on air mobility in the most heavily built-up sectors of Mort there was a definite need for LAD capable ground vehicles. For a time, the specialists in biogenetic resurrection used up-graded standard ambulances and converted APCs, but this could only be a stand-in until some form of optimised purpose-built vehicle became available. The Guru is that vehicle.

The back of the ambulance holds a fully equipped gyro-stabilised LAD emergency theatre for stabilising the patient and preparing or initialising any procedures necessary for his reconstruction.

To get the patient as fast and as save as possible to the next facility, the Guru is not only equipped with a powerful 8000 hour fusion drive but also with a reinforced composite chassis and laminated ceramic armour.

The listed cost of the Guru is 160000c.

Game Use:

Type Ambulance Max Speed 220 km/h Skill Drive, Civilian PV/ID 18/500 Max Crew/Passengers 2/4

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