IB Hornet

Easily recognized by its black and yellow striped colour scheme – the only one officially available – even long before the distinct organic shapes of its frame and armoured body […]


The Sputum Spyplane is a supersonic clandestine reconnaissance aircraft designed, built and operated by the SRSO, the Strategic Reconnaissance Services Organisation, on behalf of SLA Industries. The SRSO then provides […]

Piggyback Two-Person Keshang

Hard-mounted to the powerframe of the Piggyback is a second armoured suit, allowing this keshang to comfortably carry two. The second suit is located up on the main unit’s back […]


Quick lay hovertrack by Suckerplum provides easy to install, easy to maintain magnetic transport systems for indoor applications such as factory lines, warehousing, or intra-facility transit. Hovertrack is sold in […]

Barker Training Jet

The Barker is a common trainer aircraft used to give aspiring pilots their first hands on experience with supersonic flight. The robust plane can be fully handled by a single […]

June Riverbug

June’s Riverbug is a compact hover vehicle optimised for use over wetlands and bodies of water. Its elegantly rounded exterior promises a smooth ride, a promise kept by its flush […]

Kitten Executive Helicopter

The Kitten speedily flies up to six passengers to their destination in exquisite style and comfort. A junior staff member or a second crewman can ride in the two-seater cockpit […]

DN Bomb-Train

The bomb-train is a reinforced high-speed gauss train tightly packed with explosives. DarkNight used these to devastating effect in a series of terror raids on infrastructure and industrial targets in […]

Roamer 3 Gauss-Sled

The Roamer 3 is a four man armoured gauss-sled for use on standard gauss train lines. The sled approaches speeds of 2000 kilometres an hour, allowing for rapid transit without […]

Leguan 400 Sedan

A mid-size sedan from SLA Industries’ Leguan subsidiary, the 400 uses a highly efficient slow fusion reactor with 10000 hours of guaranteed user life to power its smooth running quad-axle […]