Piggyback Two-Person Keshang

SLA Equipment
Hard-mounted to the powerframe of the Piggyback is a second armoured suit, allowing this keshang to comfortably carry two. The second suit is located up on the main unit’s back and is not involved in steering or propulsion, which is handled by the reinforced frame of the primary suit.

The full feedback controls are designed to automatically compensate for movements of the passenger and the Piggyback is thus no different to handle for the pilot than a normal one-person keshang.

The Piggyback is powered by a 5,000 hours light fusion unit.

It is sold for 1,800c.

Game Use:
Type Keshang Max Speed 210 km/h Skill Pilot, Powesuit PV/ID 5/25 Max Crew/Passengers 1/1

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