Ten After-Market Modifications in Succession Wars Mech Cockpits

10 Dinge zum 10.
The Succession Wars saw superstition, improvisation and ducttape become essential components in maintaining many battlemechs, a reality also observable in their cockpits:

  1. A rubber mallet on a flexible safety lanyard
  2. A mirror mounted in such a fashion that a side display is easier to see
  3. A hip flask with safety lanyard and drinking straw
  4. Three hand fire extinguishers strategically placed around the cockpit with ducttape and insulation foam
  5. A breaker box on the neurohelmet connectors
  6. A lightbox for paper maps screwed to a side wall
  7. A thermometer
  8. An automatic syringe mounted cannula first under a flip-top lid
  9. A fold-up fly screen under the cockpit hatch
  10. A key de-activated “theft protection”, that has a spring-loaded blade shoot up from the pilot seat 30 seconds after someone sits down in it

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