SLA Equipment
The Sputum Spyplane is a supersonic clandestine reconnaissance aircraft designed, built and operated by the SRSO, the Strategic Reconnaissance Services Organisation, on behalf of SLA Industries. The SRSO then provides the planes under term-limited license to individual departments, subsidiaries and security outfits within the corporate hierarchy.

The lightly built Sputum offers an extremely stealthy, omni-dimensional signature reduced platform for its advanced suite of sensor equipment, powered by three separate fusion jets with a total lifetime of 20000 hours. It has a standard crew of two, a pilot and a sensor systems operator.

Sputum licenses run for a single week, with license fees staggered based on a fixed set of licensee performance indicators.

Game Use:
Type Plane Max Speed 2300 km/h Skill Pilot, Military PV/ID 16/270 Max Crew/Passengers 2/0

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