IB Hornet

SLA Equipment

Easily recognized by its black and yellow striped colour scheme – the only one officially available – even long before the distinct organic shapes of its frame and armoured body panelling become fully visible through the rain and haze, Insect Bikes’ Hornet is a highway predator every bit as mean and aggressive, manoeuvrable and fast as its namesake. The buzzing fusion engine at its core provides 8000 hours of power at premium lightness by using the articulated armour segments of the Hornet’s body as integral parts of the engine’s heat sinking and venting system.

The Hornet is drive-away priced at a fittingly aggressive 2800c.

Game Use:
Type Bike Max Speed 360 km/h Skill Drive, Motorcycle PV/ID 9/90 Max Crew/Passengers 1/1

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