Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is a piece of protective Science Friction technology.

The highly polished organic crystal shield mounted on the lower arm can be used to reflect Sense Perception and Ebb Illumination attacks back at the attacker.

The 4 kg shield is powered by a self-charging internal Flux storage matrix.

A Mirror Shield costs 8000c.

Game Use:

A Mirror Shield can counter Blind, Charge, and Shock Sense Ebb abilities.

To use a Mirror Shield a character has to take an action in the phase an Ebb attack would take effect against him and succeed on a Shield skill roll with a penalty equal to the rank of the attack. If the roll is successful the Ebb ability affects the ebbuser who calculated the attack instead of the character.

A Mirror Shield uses 1 point of FLUX per use. It can store 10 FLUX, which can only be used to power the shield’s defensive abilities. It recharges at a rate of 1 FLUX per day.

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