SLA Equipment
The Sundance is an ornately wrought Science Friction revolver with chambers designed to take specially carved and polished burn gems, allowing multiple blasts to be manifested in the quickest succession.

Sundances are 1800c apiece.

Game Use:
The Sundance allows multiple Blast abilities to be manifested at once. This is treated as giving a Blast attack a Rate of Fire of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. The choice must be made upon formulating.

Only one formulation is required but the FLUX cost is equal to the standard FLUX cost times the chosen Rate of Fire. All blasts formulated at once have to be of the same rank.

All FLUX used to formulate Blast abilities with a Sundance has to be drawn from special burn gems loaded into the Sundance. A separate gem has to be used for each “shot”. Standard gems cannot be loaded into the Ebb revolver, but the price for the special gems are the same as for standard gems.

Replacing any number of gems in a Sundance is treated as a standard reloading action.

Bombs cannot be formulated with the help of a Sundance.

A Sundance cannot be used together with other Blast equipment.


  1. Is the Sundance kid version of the Sundance a smaller or a less powerful version?


    1. Day of Replying to Comments 9/x:

      I would probably do that as a Derringer version, with reduced “ammunition” capacity (and thus limited RoF).

      Which reminds me, that I totally forgot to put the actual number of gems you can load into the Sundance into the text. It is six of course. The “ammunition” capacity of the Sundance is 6.

      The Derringer would be 2 (variable RoF thus being 1 or 2). Pricepoint probably 1300c?


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