Perceptual poison

Fancy dreams come true. This – and not only this – has a double meaning with Lore’s perceptual poison, which has finally hit the market after long being nothing more […]


Ragin is a Karma manufactured rage generator, a class of mood altering substances for combat applications. Lacking the systemic effects of high-powered combat drugs, Ragin has a radically improved safety […]

UV Cascade

A further refinement of the basic UV formula, the Cascade strain of SLA Industries’ most potent combat drug is administered in the form of an inactive prodrug. The active compound […]

Dog Sweat

Dog Sweat is a dangerous new soft drug which has recently hit the streets of the World of Progress, courtesy of DarkNight. Cooked up by the twisted minds of the […]


Sometimes translated as ‘cavesight’ M’zm’r is a traditional Shaktar drug a formulation of which has now been made available on the mass market. This new incarnation is manufactured to highest […]


Noblesse is a powerful hallucinogenic soft drug. It is especially lauded for its lack of bad trips and what users consistently describe as the ‘extatic visions’ it induces. Doses of […]


With the increasing use of biogenetic implants Karma began manufacturing novel highly effective local anaesthetics for use in diagnostic and implantation procedures involving such tissues. It is marketed under the […]


Nucolax is a powerful muscle relaxant specifically tailored to work on the biogenetic tissues used in Nuke Tendon implants. Ten ready-to-use ampoules are priced at 19c. Game Use: –


Chilly users experience a changed temperature perception, feeling constantly cool. This change affects both the perception of the environment and the user’s own body. The drug may also cause an […]


Under the influence of Majesty drug users experience a marked increase in social confidence. Majesty costs 5c per dose. Game Use: Game Effects: +1 CHA, +1 COOL for 2 hours. […]