Sometimes translated as ‘cavesight’ M’zm’r is a traditional Shaktar drug a formulation of which has now been made available on the mass market. This new incarnation is manufactured to highest industrial standards under controlled conditions to guarantee the drug is free from impurities and correctly dosable.

M’zm’r has mildly hallucinogenic properties. Shaktar folklore attributes these to the user of M’zm’r being touched by the gods and contacted by the spirits of his ancestors, while more scientific theories speculate about the activation of genetically coded racial memories or simply recollection of events and impressions from early childhood.

The actual reported effects include changes in visual perception, such as darkening, flickering, and muted colours or movement in the peripheral vision, as well as low key auditory phenomena, with echoes being most common, assorted noises a close second, while actual semi-intelligible speech (always attributed a whispering quality) is only seldomly reported. Haptic impressions can play a role in some users, most often described as the feeling of granular substances or liquids touching or covering the user’s skin.

M’zm’r is sold for 7c a dose by its manufacturer, Red Pharmaceuticals.

Game Use:

Game Effects: Mild hallucinations lasting eight hours.

Addiction: -1 PHYS per 60 doses

Detox. Effects: -2 CONC, +1 COOL permanent

Addiction: Continuous

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