Makeover Cosmetic Healing Drug

Makeover uses a multi-pronged approach with its different active components specifically targeted healing and regenerating skin and subdermal tissue layers, preventing and repairing scarification, and cleaning up haematoma. As a […]


This DarkNight healing drug induces ultra-rapid tissue regeneration. It is considered highly addictive and is strongly suspected to cause similar adverse mutagenic effects as Shatter upon prolonged use. DarkKnit typically […]


This next generation sleeping aid will put you under without hanging you over or knocking you out. Next time you sleep, sleep well. SomNext is freely available without SCL restriction […]

Anti-DeathSuit Poison

DarkNight’s unnamed anti-DeathSuit poison is suspected to be a distant derivate of their Shatter combat drug. If a sufficient amount of the substance can be injected into the inner layers […]


Boostex is a Stormer grade anabolic, which allows 313s and other models to utilize further mass potential deactivated in their baseline configuration. Maintenance and regeneration of such additional muscle mass […]

Silver Spice

Silver Spice is used to weaken perceptual barriers, enrichening the flavour of everyday life, enhancing consciousness expanding techniques, and heightening the effects of psychotropic substances. A pack of five Silver […]


This medical drug is used in specialised immune suppression schemes for biogenetic implantation. The treatment is administered as i.v. injections. Biogenine is sold for 28c in packages containing five ready […]

Crystal stim

A derivate of Pineal stim, Crystal stim modifies the duration enhancing effects of its parent compound, so that instead of using the same amount of energy to calculate an effect […]


Another specialised Stormer drug which taps into the regenerative reservoir, Rage! utilises the biogenetic energy fuelling the Stormer’s regeneration to increase aggression and general physiological combat readiness in unimpaired individuals. […]


Overdrive is a Stormer drug. It supercharges Stormer’s already impressive regenerative abilities, causing replacement of biogenetic tissues at phenomenal rates. Single does of Overdrive sell for 10c. Game Use: Game […]