Another specialised Stormer drug which taps into the regenerative reservoir, Rage! utilises the biogenetic energy fuelling the Stormer’s regeneration to increase aggression and general physiological combat readiness in unimpaired individuals. As tissue damage is incurred activity is rerouted to its original purpose of repairing injuries, but the combat stimulant effects return as pain and injury signals cease.

A dose of Rage! costs 10c.

Game Use:

Game Effects: (Stormer) +2 on to hit rolls if unwounded and at full Hits for 1 hour. This effect is increased or decreased by any factor influencing the Stormer’s regeneration at the same rate as the regeneration (i.e. modifier increases to +4 if the regeneration is doubled by an effect).

Addiction: -1 PHYS per 4 doses

Detox. Effects: -1 DEX, -1 STR permanent

Addiction: 1 per day

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