Personal Shadow Field

Shaktar ion-drive ships have long been shielded by laser dampening shadow fields to protect against directed anti-ship high-energy weapons. Now this technology becomes available for personal use for the first time.

Portable laser weaponry has seen a re-emergence in some specialised areas, such as sniper weapons and the arsenals of gearheaded Contract Killers, and military units are confronted with a similar upsurge in high-energy weapons amongst opposing forces.

As a personal device the shadow field does an excellent job at safeguarding against attack by such weapons. Its efficacy limited only by weight factors. A full power unit such as used in ion-drives would be prohibitively heavy, and so the field strength has been limited to protect against the magnitude of power expected from man-portable weapons.

The weight issue also impacts on the length of time the field can be maintained. Even with the advanced liquid core power source employed in the personal shadow field, available energy is barely sufficient for 5 minutes of continuous use.

A personal shadow field including power core weights 10 kg.

Licensed units are available for sale at 6200c.

Game Use:

While the personal shadow field is active laser-based attacks against the wearer suffer -10 to DAM, PEN, and AD.

Additionally laser-based targeting systems do not confer bonuses to hit against a target protected by a personal shadow field.

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