Makeover Cosmetic Healing Drug

Makeover uses a multi-pronged approach with its different active components specifically targeted healing and regenerating skin and subdermal tissue layers, preventing and repairing scarification, and cleaning up haematoma. As a […]

Killswitch Anti-Stormer Poison

Killswitch sends a stormer’s regeneration into a destructive overdrive, with the stormer quickly succumbing to fulminant uncontrolled neoplastic growths. Karma does not sell Killswitch. Game Use: A stormer affected by […]


Boostex is a Stormer grade anabolic, which allows 313s and other models to utilize further mass potential deactivated in their baseline configuration. Maintenance and regeneration of such additional muscle mass […]


Karma’s secrets, part deux! Microclones are fully functional models of an individual’s system. They consist of miniaturised replicas of all organs and tissues. They are used in immunological testing, tissue […]


Karma’s secrets revealed! Cyclomicrons are ultra-stable molecular carrier rings for use in biogenetic engineering. It’s these little marvels which allow for in-vivo biogenetic modification, cellular programming, and implant integration. Cyclomicrons […]

Supervisor Implant

Normally wont to part with their secrets, Station Analysis have broken their silence for once, to grant a short glimpse at their newest toy, delivered to them straight out of […]


This medical drug is used in specialised immune suppression schemes for biogenetic implantation. The treatment is administered as i.v. injections. Biogenine is sold for 28c in packages containing five ready […]

Flutter Pulse-Dress

While a thousand tiny birds press their beating hearts against your skin, your dress’s colours slowly swim from bled-white paleness to a red so deep that it appears almost black. […]


This two component biogenetic computer is used to record vital signs and body functions. It consists of a central monitoring cluster integrated with the regulatory centres of the brain and […]


This bundle of optical nerves is sheathed in a double layer of skin and muscle. With universal connectors at each end it is a 100% living chippy lead. Biochippies cost […]