Makeover Cosmetic Healing Drug

SLA Equipment
Makeover uses a multi-pronged approach with its different active components specifically targeted healing and regenerating skin and subdermal tissue layers, preventing and repairing scarification, and cleaning up haematoma. As a final flurrish its vitalizing agents lend that special healthy glow to a visage and physique newly restored to perfection.

Vials of Makeover retail at 6c individually. One vial is included at no additional charge with any purchase of 75c or more of Karma cosmetic products.

Game Use:
Game Effects: Removal of visible signs of injury, 1 Hit recovered 3 phases after injection, +1 rank Looks: Handsome/-1 rank Looks: Ugly for 1 hour

Addiction: -1 PHYS per 20 doses

Detox. Effects: -1 PHYS, -1 rank Looks: Handsome/+1 rank Looks: Ugly for 1 hour permanent

Addiction: 4 per day

Stress: 2 PS per dose (Frothers are not affected)

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