Anti-DeathSuit Poison

SLA Equipment
DarkNight’s unnamed anti-DeathSuit poison is suspected to be a distant derivate of their Shatter combat drug. If a sufficient amount of the substance can be injected into the inner layers of a DeathSuit, invasive biogenetic tissues take root within the suit and start to rapidly replicate while feeding on the DeathSuit’s own energy supply. The infestation is non-permanent with cells dying of as available energy is depleted, but while it lasts, it can seriously disrupt an Ebbuser’s ability to utilise their DeathSuit.

DarkNight sources on the Black Market offer the substance at 100-500u per dose, depending on availability.

Game Use:
To successfully deliver a dose of anti-DeathSuit poison, an attack has to have sufficient strength to pierce the DeathSuit.

An poisoned DeathSuit loses 1 point of stored FLUX per minute. As long as there is at least 1 point of stored FLUX remaining in the DeathSuit, the wearer may not use any Protect abilities that require spending FLUX. If they do, the FLUX spent is lost and the ability does not activate.

Once all stored FLUX is gone, the DeathSuit loses 1 point of ID from all locations per minute for the next 30 minutes. After this time, the infestation is over.

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