Zero-Point Jewel

Not simply eternal, but permanent. Stillness the invisible movement. A Zero-Point Jewel is incompatible with other Flux gems, as its dead matrix flatlines all other sources of Flux around it. […]


This DarkNight healing drug induces ultra-rapid tissue regeneration. It is considered highly addictive and is strongly suspected to cause similar adverse mutagenic effects as Shatter upon prolonged use. DarkKnit typically […]

DN27 40mm Launcher

The DN27 is a stand-alone gauss operated grenade launcher for standard 40mm grenades. The weapon features a simple composite construction frame housing its electro-magnetic firing mechanism and is fed from […]

Anti-DeathSuit Poison

DarkNight’s unnamed anti-DeathSuit poison is suspected to be a distant derivate of their Shatter combat drug. If a sufficient amount of the substance can be injected into the inner layers […]


D-Bounce is an anti-tracing program used by DarkNight infiltrators when trying to access sensitive information on SLA Industries computer systems. It is meant to surpress notifications about D-Notices going up […]

DN Subcompact Pistol

A new weapon in the DarkNight arsenal, the DN38 subcompact pistol is being distributed to infiltrators and converts as a back-up and covert operations arm. It is chambered for DarkNight’s […]

DN Bomb-Train

The bomb-train is a reinforced high-speed gauss train tightly packed with explosives. DarkNight used these to devastating effect in a series of terror raids on infrastructure and industrial targets in […]

DN Antimaterial Rifle

Designated the DN501, this is one of the few DarkNight weapons chambered for a calibre more powerful than the standard 10 mm. The composite and ceramics rifle is intended for […]

Dog Sweat

Dog Sweat is a dangerous new soft drug which has recently hit the streets of the World of Progress, courtesy of DarkNight. Cooked up by the twisted minds of the […]

DN Combat Helmet

DarkNight produces these helmets for use by lightly armed conscript forces. The helmet is constructed from two layers of laminated resin and a gel layer sandwiched in between. Suspended in […]