Dog Sweat

Dog Sweat is a dangerous new soft drug which has recently hit the streets of the World of Progress, courtesy of DarkNight.

Cooked up by the twisted minds of the Telluric Aeon think tank and manufactured at so called pet shop plants, Dog Sweat does cause the user to experience an intense high, but at the same time quickly and permanently destroys the body’s ability to produce a range of vital enzymes. Dog Sweat compensates for this by mimicking the function of the enzymes, so there are no adverse effects as long as a steady supply of the drug is given. Withdrawal, though, is quickly fatal as body functions break down.

Hits of Dog Sweat usually sell for 20u.

Game Use:

Game Effects: Sensory and emotional high lasting two hours.

Addiction: -5 PHYS per dose

Detox. Effects: -5 PHYS permanent

Addiction: 1 per day

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