Video Grenade

While it takes the general size and shape of a standard fragmentation grenade, Third Eye News’ type 10/56 Video Grenade is a different kind of beast altogether.

The Video Grenade’s small explosive charge is insufficient to cause harm to anyone, should he not hold the grenade the moment it goes off. What the explosion is sufficient for, though, is to scatter the self contained micro-cameras comprising the outer shell of the grenade up to 10 m in every direction.

After the explosion the cameras immediately start filming, broadcasting to an armoured transmitter unit also part of the 10/56 package. The transmitter in turn sends the whole host of material on, with a boosted range of 500 m.

With this setup the Video Grenade is an ideal tool to get quick massively multi-angle shots, including such from vantage points not easily accessible with more conventional camera equipment.

The 10/56 Video Grenade is equipped with standard impact and timer fuses. It weights 0.5 kg.

A single grenade costs 20c.

Game Use:

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