3rd Eye

3rd Lense

The 3rd Lense is an intelligent camera system co-opting the user’s own eyes for video capture. The system is mounted on the forehead using an elastic band or clamps for […]

NavaMap G

The G edition NavaMap uses superior grid referencing to deliver an even more powerful navigational tool. It also sports a dual chippy-port for improved device interconnectivity. The NavaMap G weights […]

Video Grenade

While it takes the general size and shape of a standard fragmentation grenade, Third Eye News’ type 10/56 Video Grenade is a different kind of beast altogether. The Video Grenade’s […]

Gel TV-mat

Third Eye themselves have these large ultra-flexible gel monitors on offer now. The thin gel mats are based on the same display technology in use in such devices as Third […]

Fax Cell

An integrated printer lets this cellphone send and receive faxes. Paper must be fed manually, either single pages or continuous band. Internal power is sufficient for 1500 hours. Spot 998 […]


An ArmourCam is a miniature tri-lens video camera meant for external attachment to suits of armour. Usual mounting spots include the helmet and shoulder-guards, via either adhesives or maghold. Output […]

Vid Sticker

These ultra-thin gel-monitors come with adhesive backs and include their own energy supply and storage for a single pre-programmed video, either single replay or continuous loop. Playback is activated the […]