Perceptual poison

Fancy dreams come true.

This – and not only this – has a double meaning with Lore’s perceptual poison, which has finally hit the market after long being nothing more than – you guessed it – a fancy dream of its creators in one of Karma’s offshoots.

What perceptual poison does is make fancy dreams come true. It is the ultimate psycho-somatic compound, putting the mind in firm and total control of the body. At least in the limited field of injuries: Let the subject think she has been stabbed, shot, or strangled, and that is what will as far as her body is concerned will have happened. Perceptual poison lets people be stabbed to death by foam-padded toy swords, grievously wounded with empty guns, or strangled by putting a hand on their throat.

A single dose of the compound currently costs 33c.

Game Use:

Game Effects: Fake weapons and attacks deal full damage for 8 hours.

Addiction: -1 PHYS per 20 doses

Detox. Effects: +1 rank Psychosis permanent

Addiction: Permanent

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