Acid Breath

Built in Orienta jointly by BSB and Green Dragon, two small biogenetic design houses, with financial backing from Kobara CW, this major implant is aptly if not very creatively named. Acid Breath adds acid producing glands, muscular tubing for misting and spraying, protective linings for oral and nasopharyngeal surfaces, and the necessary neuronal splice-ins to allow full conscious control of the implant.

The range of the acid exhalation is limited, but the acid itself is quite potent.

The full implant costs a flat 1000c.

Game Use:

Game Use: DAM 3 PEN -1 AD 4. Damage bonus is not added to attacks made with Acid Breath.

Recovery Time: 1 day. During recovery time the character is unable to take part in any physical activity. This allows the implants time to heal.

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