UV Cascade

A further refinement of the basic UV formula, the Cascade strain of SLA Industries’ most potent combat drug is administered in the form of an inactive prodrug. The active compound is liberated from this stable form by interaction with itself, meaning the user’s system is flooded with UV in a sustained chain-reaction until the complete supply of pre-injected inactive UV Cascade has been burnt off. In this way the duration of UV exposure can be calculated very precisely. As the Cascade has to be triggered by injecting active substance, it is also possible to pre-load on large doses of UV to profit from its effects later on for long durations without having to carry large supplies of the drug.

UV Cascade is available in various pre-calculated duration doses. Every 24 hours or part thereof cost 25c.

Game Use:

Game Effects: As UV or Blaze UV (depending on triggering injection) with the following changes: The onset delay of the effects is reduced by 1 phase, the duration of the effects is increased by the duration of all UV Cascade doses administered since the last UV or Blaze UV injection.

If UV Cascade is administered while UV or Blaze UV are in effect it kicks in immediately and the effects are prolonged by the Cascade duration.

Addiction: As UV

Detox. Effects: As UV

Addiction: As UV

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