OA Yuri Flitter

The Yuri cements Orbital Air’s position as a premier supplier of quality EVA systems to SLA Industries’ space assets, including the Dark Frontiers circuit franchise. The large backpack flitter (see Contract Directory, page 128) operates on a system of independent multi-axial propulsion units, centrally controlled by a dedicated colour-codex computer. The flitter can be piloted manually as normal, or the computer can set and correct course according to instructions provided via a variety of chippy-linked interface devices, such as the helmet communicators of most spacesuits.

Fusion cells and reaction mass are carried in three combined canisters for ease of refuelling and to decrease the chance of a catastrophic loss of propulsion in deep space through damage of the energy or fuel systems. Each canister provides energy and fuel for 25 hours of operational time.

The Yuri costs 14000c and weights-in at 46kg.

Game Use: The computer-assisted flitter provides a +1 modifier on Zero-G Manoeuvres rolls.

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