OA Lucky Flitter

Orbital Air’s hand-held Lucky flitters are meant to provide precision manoeuvring capabilities for short spacewalks on or in the close vicinity of vessels and habitats. The pistol-grip design of the flitters may at first seem awkward to users used to more traditional tube- or bottle-type hand-flitters but allows for far greater control than other systems. The more menacing look of the pistol-like Lucky is seen as an additional benefit by the contract killers and security personnel employing the device.

The Lucky comes in pairs complete with Mag-hold safety lines for attaching to wrists or belt, and is available with either a matte black or polished chrome finish.

Each single hand-held includes a reservoir for up to 5 minutes worth of reaction mass, while the on board energy cells need only to be changed after 6 hours of use.

A pair of Luckies costs 1500c. Each single unit weights 2kg.

Game Use: Using a Lucky imposes a -1 penalty on Zero-G Manoeuvres rolls on characters unfamiliar with the flitter or with 3 or fewer ranks in the Zero-G Manoeuvres skill, characters familiar with the Lucky and possessing 5 or more ranks in the skill gain +2 bonus instead.

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