The Hector Support is another variant of the Hector six-wheeled combat vehicle.

The vehicle features light structural reinforcement to the front hull, with the automated defence turret being absent. The back of the Hector-S is open topped, with a heavy gun shield and emplacement for a forward-facing heavy direct-fire cannon and ammunition storage. The standard crew of two is reinforced by a gun crew riding in the back, and consisting of a gunner and an assistant gunner/loader.

The Hector-S uses the same 20000 hour reactor as its siblings.

In urban combat situations the Hector-S is to use its cannon to soften up enemy strong points for infantry to open a breach, or to anchor a defensive position. Non-military customers obviously have only a limited interest in an assault gun carrier such as this.

A new Hector-S costs 100000c.

Game Use:

Type Tank Max Speed 195 km/h Skill Drive, Military PV/ID 24/600 Max Crew/Passengers 4/0

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