Hector Protector

The Hector P is a light tank based on the same six-wheeled chassis as the Hector A infantry carrier.

The armour, especially on the front, is upgraded and the ball-turret removed. A fairly large, full traverse, dome shaped turret intended for a quick firing tank gun is mounted back on the Hector – over the space taken up by the infantry compartment in the A variant. A third crew position for a dedicated gunner is located in the turret, while the driver’s and commander’s stations remain unchanged in the front.

The 20000 hours power plant is integral to the basic Hector design, and is shared by all variants.

The Hector P’s main mission is to engage light enemy armour in the built-up areas the vehicles feels at home in, and shield the lighter armed and armoured Hector A’s from attack. It is thus a pure strain military vehicle, with little use to the wider security apparatus.

A new Hector P costs 140000c.

Game Use:

Type Tank Max Speed 195 km/h Skill Drive, Military PV/ID 25/660 Max Crew/Passengers 3/0

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