The Hector Mobile Artillery is a self propelled gun variant of BLA’s successful Hector design.

Unconventional for an artillery vehicle, the Hector-MA mounts two guns on an automated rear turret. The gunner’s position is located within the vehicle’s body. Some armour, and the defensive ball turret have been stripped out, to save weight and room to accommodate ample ammunition for sustained fire missions, while preserving the Hector’s good mobility.

The standard 20000 hour reactor of the Hector also powers the Mobile Artillery variant.

The Hector-MA lends artillery support from close to the front, with the dual gun arrangement and automation allowing for a high volume of fire with a small number of vehicles. This can be especially beneficial in the cramped condition of urban war zones, where the Hector is traditionally deployed. Like the other heavily armed variants, the Hector-MA is a pure military vehicle.

A new Hector-MA costs 165000c.

Game Use:

Type Tank Max Speed 185 km/h Skill Drive, Military PV/ID 22/540 Max Crew/Passengers 3/0

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