The Hector Missile/Rocket is a mobile launch platform based on the Hector.

It can carry five guided missiles or up to twenty dumb-fire rockets in separate launch tubes installed on the rear decking. Additional munitions may be transported within the Hector, in the rear compartment which also houses the gunner’s position. No others weapons besides the battery of launch tubes are carried.

The Hector-M/R can bring tremendous firepower to bear on enemy positions, while maintaining superb speed and manoeuvrability. This is paid for with long reload times and low number of munitions carried limiting its staying power. If deployed correctly, that is, as part of a hard hitting fast assault force, the trade-off is more than worth it, though. The Hector-M/R lacks viable applications outside of military formations.

The 20000 hour reactor is standard for Hector vehicles.

A new Hector-M/R costs 98000c.

Game Use:

Type Tank Max Speed 205 km/h Skill Drive, Military PV/ID 22/520 Max Crew/Passengers 3/0

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